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Ensure the quality of water quality to extend the life of power station
2016-07-29 22:59:02

 Northwest is equipped with the company's water treatment business, can be traced back to 1985. At that time, by the former Ministry of hydropower agreed to establishment of Xian power plant water treatment company, into electricity department designated the power plant chemical water treatment professional company, now renamed Xi'an Chuangyuan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd., and northwest company equipped with advanced water treatment division and its affairs touch electric station boiler make-up water, circulating water, raw water pre treatment, condensation water, wastewater treatment and other industrial water treatment and other aspects; accept water treatment project planning, contains the skill system, thermal control, electrical, civil, structure the design, production equipment and complete sets of supply of goods, and technology and equipment, program-controlled and the appearance of the system equipment, debugging and affairs.

"Our company's primary business is to supply water and condensate to the boiler unit." Introduction of the company's chief engineer Lianghong, water treatment significance lies in the fact that, after removing water of all kinds of solid and liquid substances to ensure pure water, hand made machinery and equipment from the acid-base corrosion, extend the service life; on the other hand can complete water circulation, repeated use, resource saving, environment-friendly arrived intentions.
In fact, China's water treatment skills and equipment development, compared to Europe and America developed countries late and in many cases, through the introduction of absorbing foreign advanced technology, equipped with to be improved gradually achieve localization, but compared with advanced countries, our country still certain distance. "Like GE, SIEMENS these companies, water is doing very well." Hong Liang familiar.
And the northwest is equipped with the company's are not the same, Jiangsu is equipped with the company focus in power plant circulating water system of water quality sampling equipment production, specifically, by the company of water change division produces vapor sampling and chemical dosing, with the exception of cooling water, condenser leak 4 items of equipment. Although these devices only in the system of auxiliary equipment, has become the indispensable system in some.
Skills: a combination of old and new innovation
Mentioned water treatment path, is nothing more than sedimentation, filtration, coagulation, these kinds of disinfection, practical operation process, often where combinations of one or several. The development of skills, are constantly enrich the process of improving the path. From the traditional biological pretreatment, chemical treatment to novel film processing skills, skills continues to carry out water treatment. Chemical dosing equipment equipped with Jiangsu company produced, that is for the corresponding equipment treatment skills.
For film processing skills, domestic water treatment film production company Shandong nine chapters Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Xu Jiachang had this interpretation: "simply put, water treatment, reverse osmosis membrane is like a sieve. Its aperture as long as 0.1 nm, water under the pressure effect of layers of filtration, more ionic impurities like antibiotics, heavy metals, bacteria, and other is to filter out. Common people home water purifier core parts that is the film." ?
Lianghong thought compared to the previous ion exchange skills, membrane provides a new water treatment skills, but also has the flaw. "Ion exchange skills, is the result of increased acid resin, so that the water ions mixed reaction, to desalination of intent." She said, membrane skills to use the filter to filter, completely free of ion resin, saving the cost, but heavy water displacement is a big headache problem." Therefore, the company is equipped with multi northwest selection method of ion exchange membrane for combined with skill.
These years, the state vigorously promote industrial restructuring and promotion. Following the implementation of the new environmental law and the introduction of water ten, the water treatment industry's transformation is imminent.
The transformation of company has been equipped with northwest, beginning as early as two years ago. In August 2013, the company established the membrane water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, township sewage treatment, seawater desalination 4 flood processing system integration as the category of, now has been successful in Valin Xiangtan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Sichuan Dazhou gas station of membrane water treatment system; contract Xingyi City Coal aluminum integration of industrial wastewater treatment system and efficient clarify pool skills of raw water pre processing system system; Indonesian Taka bid pull project of 2 * 100 MW units of seawater desalination system etc..
Jiangsu is equipped with the company has the domestic thermal power plants supply water goods more than 500 Taiwan (sets), Qinshan, Yang Jiang, Taishan, Fuqing, Fang Shan, such as nuclear power plant intention vapor sampling analysis equipment and chemical dosing equipment; in the international market, commodity marketing India hi Eliya, Vietnam Haiphong and other multiple projects is China power of water commodity primary one of export manufacturers. On March 17, Jiangsu equipped with the company won the bid of the Guangdong Huaxia Yangxi Power Plant Phase II 5, No. 6 unit 2 x 12.4 MW ultra super critical coal-fired power generation units vapor sampling analysis of project equipment supply. This is now world stand-alone capacity of the largest coal-fired generating units.
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