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Study on the performance and method for the determination of coagulant
2015-11-04 21:57:44

There is no uniform technical standard for the evaluation of the performance of the decolorization of coagulant. According to the chemical industry standard of the people's Republic of China, "the evaluation method of water treatment agent coagulation property" was discussed in April 2011. Due to the staining reagent who decolorization experiments of low sensitivity, small differences, according to Hebei Industrial University Shaoqing proposal instead of several kinds of dyes as colorant, and the actual printing and dyeing wastewater treatment consistent performance can accurate comparison and screening of decolorizing coagulant.

Use POCA water treatment chemical.

Dongjiang water with activated blue colored water, adding PAC and other four kinds of coagulant can decolor rate of more than 90%, the order effect: PAC > PFC > as > bleaching agent.

With tap water with direct blue water, adding PAC and other five kinds of coagulant, can make the decolorization rate reached 90%, the effect of the order is: PAFC > PAC > PFC > AS > bleaching agent.

The same dosage and different raw water pH value of coagulation effect different, PAFC is the best bleaching pH value of 6-8; bleaching agent bleaching effect is affected by the raw water pH value has little influence on, the optimum pH value for 6-9.

The different concentrations of colored water can be used as coagulant, the decolorization rate can reach 90%.

According to the experimental evaluation, the five kinds of coagulation effect of PAFC and PAC are the best and the dosage is the least, and the cost of pharmacy is the lowest in PAC.

The evaluation method of water treatment agent coagulation property can comprehensively evaluate the effect of the coagulant. Using this standard evaluation method can be used to determine the optimum coagulant dosage, determine the appropriate dosage, selection of the best conditions: mixing intensity and event, precipitation time, the best pH value and the different composition of the mixture, and the optimization of the formulation, and the technology and economic evaluation of the decolorization scheme.

The test can be used directly, the activity of active blue blue colored colorant Honghe water allocation, evaluation of mixed decolorizing agent. Test water available surface water, tap water can also be prepared.

Test can also be used to test the actual color of the water.

Use POCA water treatment chemical.

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