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Dingbian found million tons oil density can make oil prices down?
2015-10-28 22:07:37

China Petroleum Group announced on the official website, Changqing Oilfield in Dingbian County Ji Yuan Zhen found China first hundred million ton large-scale fine oil - Xinan oil field edge and the audio to Shaanxi appropriate cheer. Together, a strange term leading to a hobby - fine oil.

So what is the fine oil? Fine oil mining technology is not sophisticated? Underground after all, there are many fine oil? Explore the fine oil can make oil prices down? June 8, Chinese newspaper reporter for a series of questions, interviewed Professor of Xi'an Petroleum University Zhao Jing Zhou and Professor Zhou Desheng.

Deputy director of the academic committee of Xi'an Petroleum University, director of Shaanxi oil and gas reservoir geology into key laboratory. His primary research area is the oil composition and exploration, which is said to be "looking for oil" ".

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Dean of the school of petroleum engineering, Xi'an Petroleum University, petroleum engineering college is the first research and Professor how to explore oil".

Fine oil and conventional oil than what is special?

Poor reservoir conditions of fine pore stone short migration distance

China Daily: fine oil is how to form?

Zhao Jing Zhou: fine primary oil is refers to the oil formation, mutatis mutandis, fine, low porosity, low permeability, like grindstone so dense, is generally stored in sandstone, the characteristics is reservoir fine, near source rock (also known as source rocks, organic rich, a lot of hydrocarbon generation and discharge of oil and gas), the migration distance is short.

Oil and gas attack usually after three strata, the bottom is hydrocarbon source rocks and stratigraphic base sandstone, above the cover, due to the hydrocarbon source rock rich in organic matter, in ancient times, living organisms in lakes, oceans died back bodies are buried in the stratum, than the number according to multiple also rendezvous, back Lake, sea sand will continue to cover up the accumulation, the buried deep to a certain degree (general in 2000 to 3000 meters), formation temperature contrast high, organic matter will be to the oil transformation.

Oil is extracted from the hydrocarbon source rocks, will migrate around, assuming crevice pore fine is fine sandstone, oil and gas migration distance is short, would constitute a fine oil and gas; whereas reservoir conditions, crevice pore, oil and gas migration distance is long, conventional oil and gas cost. The above is the cover of oil and gas, heavy oil and gas gland to avoid losing, and then after the aggregate constitute a major oil field.

China Daily: fine oil why only now discovered?

Zhao Jingzhou: fine and oil is relatively conventional oil, pore and permeability are high contrast, good reservoir. In the past 100 years, oil and gas exploration and development of root follow from easy to difficult, first the good bad, first principle of high efficiency and low efficiency, so explore the roots are good reservoirs in the conventional oil and gas.

But now reservoir of oil and gas costs overall downward trend, and the society to the cost of oil and gas demand and contrast. So it is necessary to poor strata of non conventional oil fought, during the important part is the fine oil and gas.
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Oil gas cost "favor" the reason of the Northern Shaanxi in?

A lot of experience, forest to the land to create gas oil

China Daily: why there is a lot of gas oil?

Zhao Jing Zhou: at that time, we fine national oil is mostly distributed in Northern Shaanxi, on behalf of the Ordos Basin in Daqing Oilfield is a representative of the Songliao Basin, Xinjiang Oilfield as the representative of the Junggar Basin and Bohai Bay basin. In the meantime, the main body of the Ordos Basin is in the area of Northern Shaanxi Province, which is the five provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu, Shaanxi, Shanxi and Shanxi provinces.

In terms of geological time, Northern Shaanxi generally can be divided into three periods: about dating back 400 million years ago, Ordovician before, the North China region in Northern Shaanxi and fully is the vast ocean, this period of accumulation of a limestone, Jingbian gas field is the this period;

The second period is dating back more than 200 million years ago, the Permo Carboniferous period, this period is the transitional period, this period in Northern Shaanxi is a piece of virgin forest, so after several years of crustal movement, coal and a lot of gas, in Northern Shaanxi fine gas mostly from coal seam in this period.

Third period is from the Triassic period extended formation. This period in Northern Shaanxi is terrestrial and lake, fine reservoir is extended from the group found.

These three periods have the oil and gas cost in the Ordos Basin, so it is very good to be rich in oil and gas.

Unconventional oil and gas cost potential?

The conventional oil reserves is several times but also to explore the difficulty

China Daily: very unconventional oil to explore the world format is what?

Zhao Jing Zhou: in addition to the fine oil, reservoir of oil and gas and coal seam gas, shale gas and natural gas hydrate, shale oil and gas development was only just beginning. The United States is the United States, followed by Canada and China. Russia and the Middle East region will never take into account the unconventional oil and gas, because of their excellent cost also explore endless.

China Daily: fine oil potential? To explore whether the oil prices down?

Zhao Jingzhou: in the foreseeable time, the new power is not likely to completely replace the petrochemical power, and in the long run, the country and the world as a good reservoir of oil and gas cost is less and less, the oil and gas is also a downward trend. Therefore, unconventional oil and gas costs potential, its reserves should be much greater than conventional oil. Some people say that unconventional oil reserves are 5 times the conventional oil, and some say it is 10 times, is a suspect, but it is also very difficult to find. At that time, the United States produced a lot of unconventional oil over 3000 tons, China is only 1000 tons.

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