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Datang Harbin first thermal power plant unit, "new energy"
2015-10-22 22:31:50

To implement the company "energy saving" in the homework, a further decline in unit energy consumption level, strengthening the core concept of "ideological value, profit oriented" in Datang Harbin top thermal power plant, promotion "of planning value activities, question oriented, to strengthen the awareness of the benefits, around the set policy optimization and energy saving, of operation optimization, the small policy launched to benchmarking, continue to tap the potential and unit Bo hair" new life ".

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"Reach its planning value" special activities since, the factory in accordance with the group, the company's overall arrangement and request formulated plan special activities, by the plant leadership in command, led by the director, professional research, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all plant employees, absorb professional team personnel participated in, needle of the controllable consumption difference, uncontrolled consumption difference, plant electricity caused by the deviation of a total of 33 small policy were itemized benchmarking search question, policy of decomposed into small policy plan, to implement the various professional, daily monitoring. Responsibility people every day to keep a watchful eye on their project as guidelines, on the basis of the policy carefully analyzed and from that question, find the distance, and achieve closed-loop management. At the start of the meeting, the plant manager personally on the planning value activities to launch and layout, will reach the planning value activities and economic assessment, five recognition of a realization, saving energy and reducing consumption action plan and other operations, continue to improve energy saving emission reduction policy. To create a dense air activities, the factory produced a "reach its planning value" course of action underlying panels and unit is not the same operation mode planning value curve plate, in the control room to show, circulation broadcast, so that employees fully understand the unit policy planning values.

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For in the existing capital and production conditions, the maximum limit to discover potential devices, the plant used in No. 2 units stop by defect elimination opportunities of HPS No. 3 and No. 6 with a low of core pulling view, proofreading water level gauge to make the difference of arrival planning values at the lower end of the heater; after the collapse of the valve view, grinding, for exchanging method reaches the valve zero leakage. The use of 1 units of a class maintenance opportunity to lift the cylinder lift efficiency, after replacing the steam seal, the nozzle and a series of reform and progress of power. In optimized operation method, the factory has carried out optimization of power structure, a single set of auxiliary operation optimization operation; with minimum heating operation method is to double the advantage, the optimization is not the same seasonal consumption structure, improve the unit operation of the economy. Together, the factory has also prepared a coal blending, pump operation, circulation water open water adjacent machine interactive optimization etc. more than a decade of operation optimization scheme, effectively guide the operation to adjust the. After the launch of the planned value activities, 1 to May, the plant has completed a better power transfer program, the energy consumption policy are not the same degree of decline.

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