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Comprehensive understanding of water treatment agent and water quality control standards
2015-07-15 23:07:27

China's water resources are scarce, the rapid development of modern construction, the demand for water resources is increasing. Water, has become the economic and social development of our country's precious resources. Saving water has become an important policy for the party and the state.
PAPE water treatment chemical
Metallurgical, electric power, chemical companies is a big water. Saving water has become the unremitting pursuit of enterprises and water treatment workers. However many enterprises due to the water treatment agent standards, quality control standards, conventional water processing method lack of comprehensive understanding, resulting in the water saving effect is not big, even think that has the potential to make control, no other remedy.
Below, the standard on the composite scale corrosion inhibitors. On the composite scale corrosion inhibitors, there is no uniform standard, there is no uniform standard. There is a big difference between the standard of electric power system and the standard of petrochemical system. For example:

Solid content: more than 32% standard power; petrochemical standard is low phosphorus phosphorus is more than 25%, more than 28% containing phosphine. The content of solid content can only be explained by the content of solid in the drug, which can not explain the performance of the pharmaceutical. I have encountered a chemical plant in the scale and corrosion inhibitor, solid content of 60%. However, the scale inhibition rate is very low after the simulation scale inhibition experiment. After chemical analysis, it was found that the main ingredient is sodium phosphate. If there is someone to add sodium chloride, then the solid content will be higher. So, the solid content can not measure the good and bad medicine.
PAPE water treatment chemical
The content of azole: power standard B = 1%, C = 3%, the petrochemical standard is 0.8%. There are differences between the two standards, no contradiction. But in actual work, due to the detection of azole more trouble and due to the continued decline of the azole raw material is expensive and complex scale corrosion inhibitor prices, making many suppliers with zinc sulfate instead of azoles as corrosion inhibitor, even zinc sulfate is not, resulting in severe corrosion in the circulating water system. When the system appears to be corrosive, very few people doubt that the content of the non, users and suppliers to complain about the poor quality of water. In fact, as long as the content of the drug is sufficient, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel is not the problem of corrosion.

Phosphonate content: standard power is larger than 6%, the petrochemical standard is less than or equal to 4%. There is a contradiction between the two, the former is more than a good, the latter is a little more than a good; traditional ideas that contain more than a good, modern ideas is a low phosphorus and phosphorus free.
Other indicators such as pH (1% water solution), density (20), etc., the two standards are different. The level of these indicators, can only explain the strength of the drug is acidic, can not explain the quality of the pharmacy. I have encountered a pharmacy, solid content, density, phosphate acid salt, pH value and so are qualified, is a low rate of circulating water running, high on the scale, and the corrosion of circulating water system. The surface of the cement tank is bubbling, peeling, and broken; heat exchanger tube sheet, pipe corrosion, rust tumor. Even more serious is the army algae and biological sticky mud. After chemical analysis, it is found that the inorganic phosphate is in the poor, the price is very low, which is very poor. So it is not necessarily a good medicine to meet the standard.

So how to judge the pros and cons?
Scale inhibition and corrosion inhibitors as long as the user's water quality, do not scale, corrosion, not the mud, and is a high rate, which is good medicine. So is not good medicine? How to prove and test it? Practice is the best proof. In advance, there is an indoor simulation test method that can judge the merits of the scale and corrosion inhibitor.
PAPE water treatment chemical

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