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Polyhydric alcohol phosphate ester Fungicide industry development has been out of stagnation state
2015-07-02 02:24:07

 The occupational development of sterilization and inactivation of algae has been carried out in the condition of arrest. The environmental questions are increasingly focused on the emergence of the global sterilization agent production and use of urgent, China's sterilization agent development and use of the vision is also an outstanding development momentum.

Water treatment chemicals PAPE

Over the past decade, pesticide active ingredients listed speed and in the past compared to significantly slow, during which the herbicide reduced speed most significantly, insecticide there are bound to be ups and downs reduce, and sterilization agent of new products market import reflected is very strong, especially in recent years. A total of 17 2012 global open new kinds of pesticides, sterilizing agent accounted for 9, beyond 50%, during which three for amide compounds, three Methoxyacrylate strobilurin compound, a triazole and pyrimidine compounds, a quinoline compounds, is there anything else a disease resistant poison poison fluorine phosphorus. "Eleventh Five Year" period in China, there are a total of 34 with independent intellectual property rights of the pesticide category has pesticide registration license. During the sterilization agent 17, occupy half of the country, the major species with flumorph, allyl trifloxystrobin, pyridine bacteria oxazole, SYP-1620, gold nuclear mildew et.
The development of new market add in some degree of how global sterilization production and application prospect of outstanding. China sterilizing agent development and use prospect there is a good momentum of development, continue to strengthen agricultural intensification; two is the need to pull the pole climate frequent sterilizing agent stores; three of the wrong pesticide category sterilizing agent needs to continue to add large profit space and high speed; the four is part of efficient sterilization agent patent will expire in the "the Twelfth Five Year Plan" period; five is the "12th Five Year" period the country continue to increase by the innovation of science and technology, sterilization agent with independent intellectual property rights will continue to be developed and put into the mall; six is the transgenic crop area continued to expand, the pesticides and herbicides have a negative impact, but has almost no effect on sterilization agent.
Water treatment chemicals PAPE

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