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Management and establishment of strengthening water treatment project in Shengli Oilfield
2015-06-26 22:09:59

 By May, a total of 18 oil field stations were prepared by the successful oil recovery. The operation will improve the success of the oil field sewage station back to the water quality, improve water quality compliance rate played a major role in promoting.

End of last year, as the standard oil field water treatment chemicals investment and management, steady progress back to the water quality compliance rate, the success of the oil field to prepare the relevant technical departments to prepare the sewage treatment station water treatment chemicals. Including sewage station recommended dosing scheme analysis, adding capital plan execution effects analysis, existing questions and so on, and finally come up with a detailed plan for. In the cooperation of production engineering and related oil production plant, to the now successful production in China is end of Dongxin oil extraction plant of eight sewage station, Gudong oil production plant of 5 sewage station, Chunliang oil production plant of 5 sewage station total 18 sewage station water analysis, research skills, water treatment agent and field test of single agent screening, compatibility assessment and chemical dosing. According to field investigation, laboratory research and field test results for each sewage station details to introduce the different water treatment medicament adding skills program.
Water injection system of oil field, using the special scale inhibitor for water injection in oil field to ease the scale of circulating water.

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