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Water treatment Pujiang basin all strengthen Shu Village sewage remediation construction
2015-06-22 02:02:37

 Lucheng District strengthen of Shupu river basin all the village sewage remediation construction. In the last year completed rectification improve 23 villages based on, this year built 41. Now, all village renovation plan has been completed, there are 24 villages have been out of the construction, the end of June to start construction. After completion, will benefit farmers about 10000 more than 30000 people each year to Shupu river cut COD emissions 318.6 tons, ammonia nitrogen emissions 34.98 tons. -- this is the water environment of Pujiang basin up a detailed example of inductive regulation.

Shupu river is the Oujiang River downstream of a primary tributary, Lucheng District, within the main channel at about 10 kilometers long, a tributary of the total 34 convention 38 km. In recent years, the sound Shupu River Basin of the river for the long-term mechanism and "long river system, to Shupu river basin water environment induced regulation as a" initiative "," battle "to catch, contact the garrison river basin plan", to comply with "on the storage, treatment and outer barrier" flood control concept and active to promote "five water treatment project.
Water treatment using fungicides, fungicides, and special scale inhibitor.
Tengqiao old town sewage treatment and sewage interception satisfied pipe engineering construction at the end of the last appearance construction, now completed 70% of the amount of engineering program recently completed, when the surrounding countryside sewage can collect gathering by the small submerged pump station will be access to the sewage pipe the water pressure. In plan of Shupu River south bank set a sewage to improve the pumping station, scale every day 16000 cubic meters has on May 10th appearance construction, now under the template device. For end Tengqiao old town of rain, sewage diversion, our region has also launched a Tengqiao old township sewage pipe network renovation project, in the second half of the year will play construction; to increase the agricultural non-point source pollution prevention and control, but also to build mobile Tengqiao dead animals safe disposal facility 1, end of Agriculture and animal husbandry connection ecological breeding demonstration field 7.
Follow up improvement of water quality in Pujiang River Basin, the river ecological green corridor here. Last year so far, Lucheng District in the basin, built Waterfront Park 9, new themes and improve expansion waterfront small garden 13. A year before the end of June end within the watershed of the two garbage River and after municipal inspection; Ya Yang River, Xintang River, temple Xihe, tidal river ports such as four Shupu River tributaries of the black odor river of rectification, expanded black odor River remediation tough fight and involved in river pollution places joint special rectification, according to the picture of "a river a policy fully develop the sewage pollution source census results and rectification of the implementation of the programme", by the end of June will be fully eliminated black odor river.
In addition, the district also issued "Tengqiao town machinery paper and pickled pond treatment method", blocking the traditional mechanical paper industry pollution. At the same time, strengthen the supervision and conduct joint law, combating the environmental pollution violations, revoke Tengqiao territory without legitimate drum production, two years investigation garrison along the Huangpu River, a total of 135, investigation of 10 illegal sewage companies.
Water treatment using fungicides, fungicides, and special scale inhibitor.

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